We condemn in the harshest terms President Trump’s decision and announcement to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. This move is reckless and provocative, illegal and in total disregard of international norms. 

The occupation of Jerusalem since 1967 has always been unlawful and UN resolutions throughout have reaffirmed its status. The future of resolving the conflict between Israel and Palestine crucially and fundamentally depends onmutual agreements on Jerusalem as a final status settlement. 

This outrageous move is only confirming that the US is not a trusted intermediary, not an honest broker and in fact by this act is as if it is a belligerent perpetrator to the ongoing crisis in the region. Israel has all along deceptively used ‘facts on the ground’ – its constant and persistent expansion and annexations through its illegal settlements and malicious demographic change - as its basis for one sided negotiations. Previous Israeli leaders have been quoted to say, “Israel can negotiate forever with the Palestinians” indicating that they are are content even if there was no peaceful settlement at all. 

Israel has occupied, illegally seizing and grabbing more and more land, squeezed and strangulated Palestinians in Jerusalem using brutal and inhumane methods upon a defenceless population often imposing collective punishment at will. It quells protests by terror and violence. It conducts ‘administrative detentions’, arresting Palestinians arbitrarily by flaunting laws without due process. 

This step is the culmination of tragedy and injustice upon the Palestinians. President Trump has succumbed to the Israeli lobby probably in his desperation to evade possible impeachment for electoral offences. His accomplice is Netanyahu who himself is trying to elude criminal prosecution for corruption. 

In his announcement, President Trump slurred in his speech which is damaging for his image which is already in tatters worldwide.
This shift is vehemently opposed by all peace loving people, Arabs and Muslims. We appreciate the position of Europe in not condoning and for not supporting this move. 

Palestinians and Muslims have been on the losing side of the conflict for far too long. Some have already determined that there is nothing left to lose. They have lost lives, limbs, land, liberty and honour. People can only take so much.
So it has to be time to liberate Al Quds (Jerusalem) for good.



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