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We Stand Together With Honour And Dignity. We Stand Firm And Proudly With The People Of Malaysia. We Reject Israel

The Movement for an Informed Society Malaysia (WADAH) fully and unequivocally supports YAB Tun Dr. Mahathir and the Malaysian Government in refusing the entry of two Israeli athletes into the country to participate in the scheduled Paralympic events.

Israelis have acted blatantly and immorally against international laws. Israel has time and again shown flagrant disregard for humanity and even basic common human decency. If we simply brush aside all these gross and continual violations of human rights and the rule of law, then what are we as a proud and moral nation?

We are not anti-Jew nor anti-Semitic. We simply condemn inhuman and oppressive behavior no matter who the perpetrator is and it is the least that we could do. Israel deserves to be condemned for crimes against humanity and deserves to be treated as such.

Western countries ban entry of refugees at will simply because of colour and religion. There are no repercussions. Israel itself has politicized sports by banning a Gaza football team from crossing into the West Bank for the Palestine Soccer Cup. Israel illegally and regularly prevents movements of Palestinian athletes. Israel coerced the US National Basketball Association (NBA) to exclude visiting Palestine in 2018.

World sports bodies and the world at large should remember how we stood tall together against Apartheid and how South Africa was banned from the Olympics until the nation was set free. Israel shall have its day of reckoning if more nations stood up for truth and justice.

WADAH stands with freedom, honour and dignity. We shall never be cowered into self-contempt by world bodies which unashamedly bury their heads in the sand for fear of confronting brutal oppression and being incapable of at least doing something for justice and humanity.

What say you?

Ahmad Azam Ab Rahman
President The Movement for an Informed Society Malaysia (WADAH)

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